Sunday, February 04, 2007

bush wins

with no hanging chads to re count bush wins by 5 votes. Master did allow Master michael-lucy & melody vote to count as 3 but his fucktoy only one vote counted. thank you to all of you that the took time to vote. a BIGGER thank you to the bald beaver voters.

i am looking forward to May 15th when i am shaved/waxed or duct taped. i have no clue as to how it will be done. i do know this ugly looking mess will be gone and that is what counts most to me. now i know why they say bald is beautiful.

and yes jen, Master liked your idea of the points being applied to the shaved area. so no thanks for your ideas. that means 26 points will be applied to my fresh shaved/waxed pussy. ouchhhhhhhh.......

talking about points, i was given 60 with the cane yesterday for missing two of Master's phone calls this past week. it was 10 per missed call but i was just given some the week before so He doubled it. that gave me forty points. then doing the caning i moved my head off the floor twice and added 20 more to my poor red hot ass. it burned like a hot fire yesterday and today i wear my stripes with pride.

have to run my phone is ringing.


Anonymous said...

I am soo sorry about the bald spanking I had meant ask if you had the choice between be shaved now and points applied to the newly bald area or shave on may 15th and points applied to your lovely rump which would you choose. Only now you are bushy 'til may. I do feel for you as I am soft and smooth and much prefer it that way
Hope your rump is still throbbing those 60 sound evilly delicious

kk said...


don't be sorry i will enjoy everyone i get there as i will be smooth again.

this hair is out of control and i hate to even look at it. you should see how long it is when it's wet.

i wish i was smooth as you as i enjoy the feel and the look. May 15th is right around the corner right?