Sunday, September 13, 2009

a new look

for a old blog. i thought it was time to paint the place a new color and hang some new pictures up. hope you enjoy the new look.


Anonymous said...

I am a truck driver and have been following your blog at every chance I get the new look on your blog is fantastic and I just wish I was that imaginative thank you for your openess and thank your master for allowing it SL

Mr Upton Ogood said...

Um...I suppose that the warning is a bit superflous. If they can't figure out it's an "adult" blog with that picture, no amount of language will be able to convince them.

I like the new "look" seems that you've turned the page to show us the other side. ;-)

Mr. Upton, the observant, Ogood

subbrooke said...

i love the new look (and the warning written just above your naked pussy cracks me up a little).

Good job!

Mike and Eva said...

sure a fresh new look looks fine, love mike & eva xx