Sunday, February 08, 2009

my naked ass

now weights in at a whopping 13* lbs today Master.

every Sunday this slave must without fail stand naked on a scale and record her weight in a email to her Master. the email reads just as you see it above everytime. the only thing that changes is the number.

the reason for email is so Master can have it on record as He has a file there for it. He has it recorded back to 05. i know that most women won't tell a soul about there weight, but i can have no secrets with my Master.

He knows all of the details of my body. every now & then He will have me stand naked before Him as He takes a measuring tape and measures me from top to bottom. He has no problem with my weight, He just likes to know all He can about His naked ass slave.

i was not wild about telling Him every week at first and i did cheat a little in the beginning, but when He found out He had me step on a scale in a public place for all to see. that ended all of my cheating on the numbers.

i was told to post it on my blog so all my fans would know also. well i did i just hit the shift key on that last number by mistake ; - )

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