Friday, February 20, 2009

Master may i

sit with you? this is not a easy thing for me to remember to ask. Master enjoys taking me out for lunch or dinner. and one of my new rules is to stand beside the table with my hands behind my back as if i was cuffed and ask Him permission to sit down.

i must say (Master may i sit with you today?) loud enough so anyone may hear. even if there is someone standing there seating us. let me just say i am not very good at this new rule yet. and today at lunch i was so excited at where we went i forgot to ask.

He did not make me get back up and ask today, as it was just a lunch, but i will be made to suffer for it. i have forgot to ask before and made to get right back up and stand there until permission was granted to sit.

but He did make me unbutton my blouse two more buttons and put my arms behind me as my meal was being served so my tits where exposed for all to see.

i am just a slave after all that needs more training.

1 comment:

Sheen V said...

I was thinking about you tonight when I was showing off a little in my girl-clothes.