Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mr. crop

pays a visit to Master's naked ass slave. well as you all well know it has been a while since i have posted anything about my punishment. well that is not because i have been the perfect slave. it is because there has not been too much time for it.
Master and i have been very busy at work and very tired when we get home. well things have calmed down a little on the work front and Master said i was way over due on my spankings.

so the other day i was told Mr. crop would be coming to vist my ass and to be ready for him when he arrives. that means i am to be naked and in position. so i did as i was told as always, but being it had been so long between visits i was a lot on the jumpy side when Mr. crop landed on my naked ass.

now the more i jump around the harder Master swings. i was told over and over not to move slave, but could not help myself. i received 50 very nice hard ones on the on the 1st night. Master said i needed to do better with the jumping around so the very next night i was in position for another 75.

i made my Master very proud this night as i held my position for all 75 without jumping around. He can always tie me down in place, but He likes to make me hold position without His bonds. it is part of my being a well trained slave for Him.

the pics posted above are when He was done with His naked ass slave. i just love that color on my ass.


Riff Dog said...

It is a nice color, isn't it?

Mike and Eva said...

we love to see your slave ass well spanked by your MASTER...what nice colours:)

love mike & eva xx

Sheen V said...

I so would have loved to have been kneeling bhind you to kiss the pain away from those cheeks!

DL's toy said...

Sweetness, you look HOT in red :o)
i was such a voyeur that i went to Fet and looked at all your hotel photos. Then i proceeded to... well, you know...


Can i link you? (can you please fix the link to DL and i on your sidebar?)

ps- we're open, public, and ready to start blogging again!