Friday, May 29, 2009

when Master is away

puppy will play. yes i know my slave name is kk and that is short for kinky kitten, but i am more of a puppy than a kitten. with my collars, leash and bones i think that makes more puppy like.

Master has been out of town on business and i always get lonely when He is gone. He knows this so He always comes up with ways to dom me from afar. well this one is the best one so far as He is concerned.

He knew that i was at home and ask if i was naked as required. i was and told Him so. He than told me to grab the camera and my white dog bone. yes it is a real dog bone. i did as i was told, He than told me to go out in the backyard and play with your bone for a while puppy and film it for me.

so here i go out the back door bare ass naked with my bone and camera in hand. i sit the camera down and turned it on. i then put the bone in my mouth and got down on all fours and crawled around the yard in front of the camera. i then lifted my leg and peed right there in the backyard in broad daylight. now i know female dogs squat to pee, but it felt more doggy like to lift my leg.

Master came home and ask if i did as i was told and i said and you got a puppy bonus too. that was the pee shot. He loved it and played it over and over. He said next time i will be on my leash with Him walking me and i better pee for Him as well.

i never in my life thought i would or could do such things as i have done as His slave. oh the fun we have doing crazy things like this. i would not trade it for the world. it sure beats my old vanilla life.


Sheen V said...

Wow! Doing as Master commanded was a real treat for both of you. I wish I had some similar task to do - any suggestions?! And to see that video - I'd surely melt into a puddle of lust...

Mike and Eva said...

hi, very nice story and we understand that the both of you enjoyed a lot. we agree with sheen, show the vid!! if not show us some screen shots. would be great fun,

love mike & eva xx

max said...

Wish you a lot of pee play !