Saturday, June 20, 2009

new toys

for my bald cunt & naked ass. yes Master bought me some new toys a while back and i have been having some great fun with the one and a burning ass with the other one. the one i am having so much fun with is my slender dong with suction cup base.
i call him Mr. C. short for cock. i have stuck him on a wood chair, bath tub, & a mirror so far. yes i like to see him slide deep inside me in the mirror. my first time was on the wood chair in my dinning room. i was naked with clothes pins on my hard nipples as i used my rabbit vibrater on my clit riding up and down on Mr. C.

WOW! what a ride that was. with him deep inside me and pain in my nips as the rabbit did its job on my clit. i had a orgasm overdose. i could not stop cumming or riding. i came so hard my legs shook like i was having a seizure. how do i know this you ask? well i filmed it so i could watch it over and over.

Master just loves it when i play with my cunt for Him. He enjoys watching slut play with her own cunt. He said it makes me more of a slut to play with it myself. and as we all know i am His slut and damm proud of it!

the next time Mr C. cums to see my cunt i am to have my butt plug in also, so i can dp myself for Master. that should be fun to pound both my cunt and my ass at the very same time as i bounce up & down on the wood chair.

the other toy is a hard lexan paddle with holes drilled into it. OUCH! that damm thing packs a nasty sting on my soft ass. my ass burns like a fire long after Master has stopped with that nasty toy. i received 36 nice hard ones the other day.

then it was off to do some shopping at the wally. it was fun to walk around that big store knowing i had a red hot burning naked ass under my very short skirt. Master said maybe next time Mr C should go shopping with me deep inside of me. more fun to cum later for this slut with these two toys.
p.s. yes i ride Mr C down to his balls and than try to put them in too. fyi


Sheen V said...

Mmmm, would love to see the video!

Anonymous said...

nice toy indeed, we are sure you will have a lot of fun with this friend.
agree with sheen, love to see the vid or some screen shots

love mike & eva xx