Sunday, April 05, 2009

a fun day

today was a fun one for Master & i as we got to play showoff the cunt. Master took me to over the local mall in my short black skirt and white blouse with no undies of course.

i was told to sit on some of the many benches they have inside the mall and spread my legs for Master to see my naked bald cunt. i did this a few times for Him and anyone else looking as well as i played inside my purse.

one fellow stopped dead in his tracks as he was walking and just stared at me up and down. i saw him looking at me and my pussy as i saw Master right behind him smiling at me. i am sure he saw all he wanted because he would not leave until i stood up and walked away.

Master and i then went into a somewhat of a darken clothing store that had seats all around it to sit in. Master and i sat by the checkout with my bald pussy out for anyone to see if they looked my way.

we then stopped by our park as it was a very nice day cool with little wind and sunshine. my blouse was unbuttoned as i was walked with Master holding my hands tight behind me. there was one girl there reading and i think see enjoyed our kissing and my tit showing. yes i was also wearing my collar, but no leash this time as Master took it out of His truck to have some work done.

i am one hot wet juicy cunt now after being so exposed in public. i just love what i am made to do for this man called MASTER.

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