Friday, March 20, 2009

yes i am

a very loyal fan of mine called me a name that Master and i love. we never thought of it on our own, but it really is the best description of what i am.

you are just his slutty slave. that is what mike and eva called me in a comment. how very true they are with that. i love being a slut/cunt/whore to my Master and i am a slave to all of His sexual desires.

my naked ass body belongs to Him to use in anyway He likes it to be used. all three of my holes are used for His hardness and pleasure. He can use my body for His pleasure in anyway He wants as He owns it and i just love it.

i am a woman born to please this Man like no other. no one has ever given me the pleasure in my life that He has given me. i know many do not understand this lifestyle, but i have enjoyed things that i never thought possible with Him.

life is way to short not to have fun and i am just having a blast. thank you mike/eva for my new name that really fits what i truly am.

just His slutty slave.

the picture is just for you mike. i hope you like it.

big hugs


Sheen V said...

I love it too!

Anonymous said...

hi His slutty slave,

we thank your Master that he allows you to picture and publish your lovely feet. yes both mike and eva love this picture.

love mike & eva xx