Saturday, March 14, 2009

added rule

Master has added a new rule for sitting down with Him. i am still trying to remember to ask permission to sit when we go out for lunch or dinner. when i do forget to ask i must stand back up and ask Him.

well i have been allowed to do it with my hands just behind my back. that is how i am to do it 1st time. now the new rule is if i have to be told to get up and ask that i place my hands on the top of my head. i will remain in this position until permission is granted to sit.

He said maybe it will help me remember better if i am more noticed by others. yesterday was my 1st time out with the new rule in place. i did not forget to ask before sitting down. so i think it has already helped me remember to do it. the last thing i want to do is stand in a public place with my hands on my head and legs spread wide asking permission to sit.

the picture is how i must ride when Master takes me anywhere. it is a cell phone pic He took the other day as we went to lunch. He texted it to His buddy and had me call him and ask if he liked my naked ass picture.
pants down at ankles and legs spread wide as i ride.


Mike and Eva said...

well slave kk,

this is really a rule to remember you that you are his Masters property and you are just his slutty slave.

we also like the picture very much and we hope to see more of these kind.

love mike & eva xx

Sheen V said...

slave kk, beautiful!

exile said...

thats awsome, i love the way this works. most often when a rule is set up the consequences are to be dealt with later.

this is so instant it's acctually working before it's implemented.

he so has to snap a pic of you standing with your hands on your head.

(btw, love the seating arrangement. hope you don't get pulled over *wink*)