Sunday, August 02, 2009

minty fresh

clean and very wet. that is how toothpaste makes you feel right? nothing like a good clean mouth, but i am not talking about my mouth. i am talking about my bald cunt.

as we ran errands yesterday Master picked up some toothpaste. as we shopped He ask if i was ready for a burning hole. i was not sure what He was talking about, but knew He was up to something. i was thinking He was going to pickup some ginger root for my ass.

at our next stop Master told me to get out and come around to His side of the truck. His door was open, but He was not getting out. He told me to spread my legs open for Him i did as i was told. standing there in my short skirt with no panties (not allowed to own any) and my legs spread wide open gave Him what He needed, access to my cunt hole.

with His left hand He reached down and pulls up the front of my skirt. with the right one He sticks His middle finger deep inside me. He is finger fucking me right there in the middle of the parking lot for anyone to see. i even raised one foot up on the door edge so He could reach deeper inside my cunt with His finger.

what i found out was His middle finger had a glob of toothpaste on it and He was washing it off deep up inside my cunt. oh yes if felt great to be finger fucked in public, but the toothpaste was making my cunt burn with fire and cool at the same time. almost like icy hot feels when you first rub it on your arm or leg.

He rubbed His finger all over the outside of my lips and on my clit as my pussy came alive with wetness. i kid you not my cunt was so wet it dripped down on my legs as i stood there. i was soaked with wetness between the toothpaste and my cumming.

He said He is going to lay me down on the seat next time so He can lick up my juices and taste my minty fresh cunt. if you want a really wet pussy just add some mint toothpaste to it and it will be soaked girls. i love it and Him.

thank you Master may i have another ;)


Anonymous said...

What a good idea. Kudos to your Master.

Anonymous said...

i'd get an urinary infection from that and it would not be cool.

Anonymous said...

That does hurt. It hurts in your ass too. And it hurts smeared on your pussy right after you shave.

Great post.

MRBILL said...

That does sound like a fun time, love the description of how wet it made you. I'll have to add toothpaste to the toy list.

Just found your blog linked from Brambleberry Blush and have greatly enjoyed reading through it. I wish that I could enjoy these types of things, but find inspiration in reading of what others do. I think my wife would find some of these very arousing if I worked her in to it gradually.
It would be interesting to hear more about how your slave relationship got started. Sounds like quite a change from June Cleaver to naked ass slave!