Sunday, August 16, 2009

pt 2

we opened up more with each other after our day of love making. Master told me about how He played with some of His toys by himself. and how much He enjoyed bondage. He ask if i had ever been tied up while having sex? i said no i never had. He said we should try it the next time we get together.

i had no clue as to what a Master and slave relationship was all about. i did not know about whips and how good they felt when they hit your skin. i did not know i was about to become a submissive slave woman to this man. what i did know is i loved and trusted Him with my mind and body.

the first time i was told to do something by Him, i was told to go shopping at VS and buy three pair of thong panties in different colors. i never wore or owned any thongs before. i did and i called Him once i bought them. He told me on the phone to find a quite parking lot so i could model them for Him. i was to get out of my car and walk around it wearing nothing but my new thong panties.

He would watch from His as i was to show Him all three pair this way. i was very nervous and scared as i had never done nothing like this before. i told Him i was scared and He ask me if i was going to be a bad slave and i said no i want to be a good slave for you. it was the 1st time He called me a slave.

i found a empty warehouse parking lot next to a Home Depot store. i called Him and said i found a place and told Him where. He pulled in behind me and sat there waiting for me to get out. i was sitting there hoping i would not have to get out of my car and walk around for Him. He called me and ask me what the hold up was? i told Him i was too scared to do it. He said get out and show me NOW!

i opened my door and stepped out in nothing but a thong pantie and walked around my car as He watched me. i got back in and changed into the next one and did the walk again. i showed Him all three pair this way. He got in my car and told me how proud He was of me for doing that. as we sat there talking three guys walked across the parking lot from Home Depot where i had just walked around almost naked. WOW that was a close call!

from that day forward He started telling me little things to do for Him. i did them all without fail. i guess this was my training period to see if i was really submissive. than the day came in June we got another room only this time He bought His toy bag along.

He put me in the bathroom and told me to strip naked and shut the door. when He opened the door again He told me to get down on my hands and knees and to grab the pen on the floor outside the door with my mouth. i was then to crawl to Him where He sat in a big chair at the other end of the room holding a crop.

on the night stand was my slave contract He had typed up for me. i was told to read it out loud to to Him it was two pages long. i read it and then He ask if i agreeded to everything in it? i said i do, He said sign it then. so i did.

He said very good now turn around and stay on your knees. He put a blindfold over my eyes and a collar around my neck. He pulled my hands behind my back and handcuffed them together. i was told to stand up and was bend over the bed. cuffs where then placed on my ankles and my legs spread wide and tied. next i felt cold lube on my ass as a butt plug was pushed deep into it.

next came a cold 3/8" steel chain that was wrapped around my waist and down my front and up the crack of my ass and locked. it held my plug in place. i was now in bondage for the first time in my life. next i heard a camera clicking away. He was taking photos of me naked in bondage. than came the sting of the crop on my naked ass. it felt great. i loved all of it. i was now His slave and He was my Master. the rest they say is history and it is all here on this blog.

i am now His slut, cum slut, pain slut, sex slave, whore, bitch, and most of all Master's naked ass slave. i will never go back to the vanilla life now for i love being His!


MRBILL said...

Wow, it sounds like you jumped right into it, but looking back now, it felt right from the beginning. Thanks for sharing your story and the lovely photo.

Sheen V said...

Beautiful picture! And I do love the post too.

Mike and Eva said...

wow slave kk, what a great story!! love to read how your Master made you a slutty, kinky, sex, obedient slave... showing your bald pussy to all your Master wants to.

love mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

Great Story, you are both very lucky

subbrooke said...

I love this post. Thank you for sharing your story.