Saturday, August 08, 2009

inside & out

well it has been long over do and was needed very bad. to be used as the slave i am for Master's sadistic ways. this past week started off with just a nice hard spanking on Monday. when i showed Master on Tuesday that i had a very small bruise on my ass and said i loved it He ask me if i wanted to add more color to it?

i said yes u know i would love more color Sir. He said fine we will add more color with some heat this time slave. and thanks to my friend subbrooke's comment about toothpaste on the ass you know what is coming up next!

i was in position for my spanking when Master said slave reach around and hold your cheeks wide apart for me. i just hate it when i am told to do this as i feel so exposed and embarrassed. so here i lay holding my ass cheeks wide open as He rubs a cinnamon flavored toothpaste on my hole and just a little bit inside it. WOW!

now that He has the fire lit He added the logs to it with a nice 40 swat spanking. now my ass is red hot ass inside and out. well this was a just warm up for what was to come later in the week.

we stopped in for drinks on Wednesday to show off my tits in my new very low cut blouse while wearing my chain collar. i was so excited that i sat down without asking Him permission to do so. Master said I think you forgot to do something slave, butt you will not forget again once I am done with you.

i was told you earned yourself a punishment spanking this time slave. 40 more intense ones should help you remember to ask permission to sit down next time, if you can. Thursday found me back in position naked with my ass cheeks held wide open again. only this time a lot more paste was used and rubbed up deep inside my ass as His finger went all the way in and around it.

as He finger fucked my ass He told me how He liked to do it as my ass is so tight around His finger. He also ask me if i thought i would ever be letting a man do this to my ass. i said no, but there He was doing it. He said it is very special to touch inside a woman this way. not many women would let a man do this to them as they hold their own cheeks open.

the 1st swat set the tone for the next 39 and it was brutal and hard. i took all 40 with little jumping around as this always brings on more swats. i have learned to endure the pain and accept it better then i did in the past. i almost crave it now. i know for sure that i need it in my life as it makes me feel great. six years ago i would have told you that no way would someone spank my ass. that has all changed now as i am a very submissive woman to this Man.

my ass was very sore, burning and red hot all night long. this was the hardest one ever given to me and given with the lexan paddle made it way more intense. oh yes and did i tell you that between swats Master wet down my ass cheeks with water to give it more sting. i just love the way He thinks up ways to make a spanking different.

on Friday my cunt hole was filled with His cum just like a whore to end a perfect week. i love all the things we do together as Master & slave. WOW the fun we have!

may i sit down with you Master?

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Sheen V said...

Thank you for writing about the things you & Master do - I very much like to read about you, and I do get turned-on!