Saturday, August 15, 2009

how it started

mr bill ask how my slave relationship started? how did i go from being June Cleaver to Master's naked ass slave? well i guess i could answer that by saying it all started with meeting the right person at the right time in my life.

my life as June Cleaver was very very vanilla. you could have set the clock to my daily routine and a very boring one for me. that was my life with Mr no fun, no love Cleaver. and at the time i really did not know any better. i just thought that is how everyone lived.

as i grew older and wiser i learned more about how others lived as a couple. one couple i came to know were swingers. i would hear all about the things they would do on the weekends and think that sounds like fun. i would never do anything like that myself then. oh hell no not me.

i was never naked outside of my own bedroom or bathroom. i was told at times that i was fat and to cover that shit up if i showed too much of a tit. no one wants to see those little things. i thought this was love, ha ha. i did not know what real love and happiness was then. i damm sure do now!

i always had a courious mind, but no one to share my wild dreams with. i met my Master in the work place and came to enjoy his humor and enjoyed talking with Him. we stopped one night for a after work drink. it was the best night of my life. we talked about work and the people there and about life. when we finished our drink, yes it was just one, we parted ways and i gave Him a small kiss goodbye.

that kiss started it all. that was 63 months ago yesterday. there have been many more drinks and a lot more kisses since that day. we always stop after work and have just one and talk about life. mostly about mine and how great it was not!

two weeks later we met in a mall parking lot on a long weekend and He asked me if i want to go get a room. i said sure why not. i was very nervous, but i felt wanted, loved and safe at the same time. the first time in a room we just kissed, hugged and made love like two teenages.

He still talks about that day and sliding off my panties (yes i wore them then) and seeing my bald pussy for the first time. i shaved it smooth just for Him as He told me that is how He liked it. He ate me to my first orgasam being ate by a man. i was hooked, i would never let this man go.

becoming His slutty slave came later down the road a ways. that's another post for another day.

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