Saturday, August 01, 2009

2 out of 3

holes were filled on this three hole whore. no they were not filled with the hardness of my Master and a friend like i really wanted. Master had me do myself and take pictures for Him.

for my worship time i was told to put in my butt plug and then fuck myself with Mr. C (my rubber cock). his picture is below on this blog. and as i do it take pictures for Him. it has been a long time since my ass has had a plug in it. there was a time when i had it plugged everyday for worship time, but it has been a while since then.

it took longer to get the plug in as it hurt going in. i ended up sitting on it to get in over the hump. if you ever had a butt plug in you know what the hump is. it is the widest part of the plug just before it gets to the little groove that holds it in.

it feels great once you get it into the groove, it's getting to the groove that is the hard part. once i had my plug in place Mr C was next sliding into my warm wet cunt. he felt great as i pushed him in and out of my very wet hole. now all i needed was Master to fill my mouth with His hard cock and all three holes on this whore would be filled at once.
that will have to cum later as He was not here to fill my last hole this time. i came like the good slutty sex slave i am all over Mr C. i then took him from my cunt to my mouth and licked him clean of my cunt juice. oh did that taste good.

out with the plug, washed it up in the sink. with the toys put away i dressed and left for a day at the office knowing i had just been filled in two of my three holes and came already. what a great way to start off the work day. what would my co-workers think if they knew i always start my days with worship for a man that beats my ass and makes me His three hole whore?

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Anonymous said...

indeed what a great way to start your day. we wished we could have seen you....

love, mike & eva