Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mom day

yes i know it is not what you are thinking. it was three years ago this very day that my bald cunt was marked as His! mom stands for Mark of Master.

yes, i laid there bare ass naked with my legs spread wide open on a table in front of a very young strange man as i waited to feel the pain of His mark. what a great day this was for both of us.

both of us nervous as cats in a dog pound, but yet brave as troops at war, we did it. together we placed His Mark of ownership in my cunt with one BIG kiss as the needle passed it's way through my tender hood cover.

i wear His mark today with a lot of pride as i do His collar. tonight we celebrated His marking by stopping for drinks. me dressed as the slut i am. in only two pcs of clothing a low cut pink tank top with my pink collar and my very short blue denim skirt. yes i was the whore for all to see and look at.

i had more stares from the women than i did the men as i set there. my nipples very hard & showing, my cunt soaked as Master told me how much He liked me sitting there in His collar and almost naked for all to see.

yes i am owned and very well marked by Him.

i am His forever....


Anonymous said...

I love reading your words. Your devotion is so evident. It makes me missed being owned very much.

Anonymous said...

kk, i love reading your posts as well. Looking forward to more & getting to know more about you.


Sheen V said...

Congrats! And I love the picture!