Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what we don't

like to talk about. yes girls it is true we don't blog much or talk about it much. we just go get it done and hope it is all over fast. we walk in dressed and act so cool in the waiting room around each other, but very nervous.

then our name is called and we stand up and walk. as we pass through the doors and the very 1st stop is at the scale, we step up on it. not wanting to, but we do. next we walk to the room. the one with that table with the paper on it. we sit as they ask us questions about our life. then they take our temp and blood pressure as we sit there.

once that is done they tell us to strip and put this thing around you. He will be with you in a few. you do as told, then you sit there bare ass naked in a paper gown. there is a knock at the door. you say ok.

he enters the room and looks you over as you do him. he makes small talk with you about what he knows about you and how you are doing. then he gets her to come in with him. his nurse has just entered the room. now he opens your gown on the right top side and feels your naked breast. same with the left side.

and now he tells you to lay back as he pulls out the stirrups. now you place a foot into each one on the sides of the table. now you lay with your legs spread wide open. he lifts the bottom of your gown/sheet to see your naked bald pussy with your Master's mark in it.

next you feel that cold lubed finger reach deep inside of you as he feels inside your cunt. you lay there and let this man finger fuck you just so he can tell you all is well. you turn deep red in the face as he looks at you and talks about it. he pulls his finger out and tells you can dress now as he turns and walks out.

and that is just a day at the vet for this puppy to get her kitty checked out for her Master. don't we all just love these days? i would rather be tied naked in the street and be whipped hard for all to see.


charlie said...

But it is better to have been fingered fucked and found to be healthy than to put the Vet visit off now and find something horrible later.

Sheen V said...

Hmm, after the exam you should have just walked out still wearing the paper gown!