Sunday, July 05, 2009

the 1st one

is done outside just like a good little puppy girl. what a way to start off your day and a three day weekend. you know how it is when you first wake up in the morning and don't want to get out of bed, but you have to pee? knowing you don't have to go to work and just want enjoy the warm bed and fall back asleep.

well that is just how i felt friday morning. now it is no big deal as i pee every morning when i get up. what made this morning different is i was told to get out of bed and crawl into the backyard and pee out there like the dog i am.

so it was out of my nice warm bed to the floor on my hands and knees as i crawled out of the bedroom down the long hardwood floor hallway across the living room to the backdoor. than out the door into the wet morning grass to the middle of the yard where i lifted my leg on the tree and had my 1st morning pee.

ohhh did it feel good as i let it go, as i had to go bad and was not sure i could make it that far. when i was done i crawled back into the house down the hallway and back into the bedroom where i jumped back into bed to curl up and sleep some more just like a good little puppy would.

Master said i need to do this every morning this weekend so i remember who and what i am. HIS! so if you look out your window and see a naked woman on her hands and knees peeing on a tree it will not be bad coffee in your cup just me. oh and yes i just back in from my morning pee on the tree.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss peeing outside! Actually I think I just miss being owned like that.

You are one lucky pet!

I seriously want to get together later this summer. Please?!?


Sheen V said...

I get all warm just reading this!