Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ass spanked

yes it has been a while butt this ass has been cropped and cropped hard. and it has been way over due. Master gave the command this weekend "assume the position slave" i was never so happy to hear those words as i was this time.

my naked ass was bend over and raised high in the air for Him. wanting and needing to feel the pain it longed for so long. the crop was the one to come calling on this tender ass. after being stuck in a dry spell i was not sure how it would go on my tender bottom.

it went great. Master started out hard and never let up. i moved once or twice and that added to my punishment. when it was all said and done i had 100 good hard crop swats on my very tender naked ass as i did hold it high in the air for Him as i wanted it bad.

it also made for some great markings the next day as i always look forward to that. if i do not have no Maaster marks to see the next day it was not a good spanking, if you know what i mean:) how many woman do you know that want to look at their naked ass in the mirror?

oh and how we both needed it. He loves doing it to me and i love getting it. i just enjoy being a submissive pain slut and feeling the pain of the Man that loves me like no other.

1 comment:

Mike and Eva said...

dear slave kk,

hope your Master gave you a good and heavy fuck to release all tension for the both of you.

would love to see you red naked ass.... love mike & eva xx