Thursday, January 01, 2009

1st post in 2009

well i hope everyone had a great New Years. i know my postings are few and far between as of late. we have been very busy at work and i am very tied when i get home. i guess the holidays didn't that help much. glad they are over.

i am still a slave to Master we just have not been getting our play time in as much as we should be. i guess i really need a good tied up tight whipping to get me back on track in the s&m arena.

i did do some shopping this past month wearing just my collar and coat. most people don't even notice the collar and the ones that do really just don't care. it is such a rush for me to be standing in line with all of these people and know i am a naked ass slave under my coat. i get wet just thinking about it.

well that's about all i have for this posting. i hope to cum back soon and give you the dirty details of a good hard spanking while i am tied up tight.


Sheen V said...

Can't wait to hear more!

Mike and Eva said...

Happy new year and we hope you get a lot of spanking....

Love, Mike & Eva xx