Saturday, January 17, 2009


went and did some shopping this afternoon with Master. and i did not have much to wear. i had a great time being made to show off my body to Him and the security cameras. i am not sure if they saw me, but if they did they got a show.

Master told me after we left that it would have been great if security would have stopped me and ask to see what i had under my coat. i did not think He was very funny as i would have died if they would have done that.

on the other hand i know Master would have enjoyed seeing me take off my coat for a search of items. what do you think they would have said when i dropped it to the floor?


Anonymous said...

I don't know but over here you could have been arrested for that!

TG xx

Sheen V said...

That must have been some rush doing that!!

Anonymous said...

wow, what an awesome picture, yes we really like this one and we can image the thrill this must have been.

by the way, last week mike came across some very hot vid with female showed in public. soon we will post some in our blog, so be aware

stay tuned, love mike & eva xx